September 27 2016


I am still in Belo Horizonte Brazil where I am the opening keynote speaker for the World Cooperative Management Conference discussing trends in finance and financial markets, a fascinating conference with Amy Coughenor of the US National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA up to speak next…
PLY: Not quite SIBs but in the general realm, the Luxembourg SE (a remarkably larger listings venue for securities than the nation’s small but perfectly formed status might infer) has launched an overall green bond markets. Very interesting.
FACTBOX-Seeking To Do Good But What Is A Social Entrepreneur?
Thomson Reuters Foundation 

Social Impact Investing/Outcome-Based Contracts In Health – Opportunities & Challenges
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The NSW Government is backing two social benefit bonds, also known as social impact bonds.


In our Pinterest series, a brief graphical review of  SIBs in the UK