September 28, 2016

On my way back to Europe from Belo Horizonte, currently in Sao Paolo, perhaps the most architecturally stunning but dysfunctional airport I have ever witness. The World Cooperative Management Conference was fabulous and Belo Horizonte is a fascinating mercantile city in the inland hills with a rich history of mining.


Non Profits are Thinking About Crowdfunding All Wrong

When you crowdfund for a creative project…it’s disappointing no one wants your smartwatch. But you get through the mourning period…


PLY: I note the startling comment: “It’s incredible that 25 years after the internet became mainstream, NFP’s are still struggling to harness it for their fundraising needs.”


…Judging from the reaction I got this week at my conference, crowd awareness varies widely in co-operatives too.

Meanwhile I may have missed this before from Vibeka Mair discussing SIBs at Six
Today from Pinterest: SIB – The Colour Kitchen