About Us

Social Impact Bonds are a fascinating means to help over-stretched government’s achieve more in a world of finite cash resources.


Social Impact Bond News (“SIB News”) was founded by Patrick L Young in 2013 as the first daily newsletter outlining what is happening in the world of ‘pay for success’ bond structures, also known as Development Impact Bonds (“DIBs”).


Patrick has several decades of experience in financial markets and, as well as being an entrepreneur, advisor, mentor and investor, he has been a stock exchange CEO and has a long pedigree in creating / introducing new products, ranging from prediction markets (he was an original co Founder of Intrade) to Single Stock futures and various other markets besides.


Patrick is a keen advocate of Social Impact Bonds and also publishes the daily newsletter of the world’s Exchange Markets Exchange Invest amongst his other interests. You can learn more about Patrick from his home page.


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