September 26 2016

Apologies bit of a crazy week last week. As you know the day job is various entrepreneurial functions and also a practice advising in financial market structure to investors. It was just crazy week and we’re in the process of moving offices as well as seeing the end of our summer intern programme. The net result was, alas, we just couldn’t produce SIB News last week. Hopefully it won’t happen again, albeit it was quite lucrative working on the programmes that precluded its production!
Today I am in Belo Horizonte Brazil where I am the opening keynote speaker for the World Cooperative Management Conference discussing trends in finance and financial markets, it promises to be a fascinating conference.



Long Beach Explores New Funding Tool To Alleviate Homeless Problem

An emerging tool may help Long Beach solve pressing social issues…


What Every Good Microfinance Business Should Track and Why

Many microfinance impact investors are not monitoring the social components of the financial service providers (FSPs) they finance


Housing Counselor, Social Impact Bond

This position will be responsible for the day to day operation of the housing component for the Social Impact Bond (SIB) project, including program
In our Pinterest series, try this nifty Work After Prison SIB Factsheet
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