July 18 2016

Two encouraging stories to start the week…

National Australia Bank Backs Scheme To Keep Parolees Out Of Prison

Marie Sansom – Govrenment News

The National Australia Bank and not-for-profit groups will partner in a NSW government scheme aimed at stopping offenders returning to prison once they’re on parole.

The five-year program, On Tracc (Transition Reintegration and Community Connection), will support up to 3,900 parolees after they leave prison and beyond to help them avoid re-offending and being locked up again within the year.

Richmond: Slow Going For Anti-Blight Effort

Karina Ioffee – Esat Bay Times Business  

A year after Richmond grabbed national headlines for trying to use social impact bonds to restore abandoned homes, only one such property has been rehabbed and one other is in the process of being restored, underscoring the deep challenge of working on neglected properties tied up with liens and unpaid taxes.