August 27 2015

Two articles today, one from Santa Clara on discussing PFS for mental health care and the second from Sydney’s prolific Emma Tomkinson addressing issues of communication and cooperation amongst different stakeholders, happy reading:

Telecare Corporation Selected For Innovative “Pay for Success” Mental Illness Care Project

Telecare Corporation has been selected by the County of Santa Clara for an innovative Pay for Success mental health project serving the County’s most severely mentally ill individuals through intensive outpatient treatment, case management, and supportive services.

“The Pay for Success model is exciting because it brings an entirely new approach to collaboration in mental health care. It is an investment in innovation that creates powerful incentives for providers and payers to work closely together in order to make a measurable impact in the lives of clients. We are honored to be part of this process,” said Faith Richie, Senior Vice President of Development, Telecare.

Pay for Success is a funding model under which governments pay for services only if and when a service provider achieves clearly defined, measurable results. It leverages upfront funding for service providers from the private sector and philanthropic foundations and rigorously measures the effectiveness of programs over time.

“We believe that with Telecare’s help, we can improve the care offered to some of our neediest clients, while also producing savings for the County,” said Gary Graves, Chief Operating Officer, County of Santa Clara. “The Pay for Success model is ideal for this innovative mental health project.”

The project will serve individuals who have frequent or extended stays in the County’s psychiatric emergency and inpatient facilities and in other institutional settings, and will ensure these individuals are stabilized in less restrictive, community-based environments.

The County’s Pay for Success initiatives have been led by Third Sector Capital Partners, a nonprofit dedicated to a performance-driven social sector, and supported through a grant from The Health Trust and Step Up Silicon Valley, a project of Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County. The Sobrato Foundation and The James Irvine Foundation have also provided critical philanthropic support.


Meet In The Middle For Cross-Sector Success
Emma Tomkinson – Pro Bono Australia

It’s hard to get different sectors working together. There is often a power imbalance that leads to a one-sided conversation and an ensuing lack of enthusiasm from the other party.