August 10 2016

Thoughts from the Urban Institute on PFS value and Goodwill Industries on the Impact of Impact…

How Urban PFSI’s Support Center Brings Value To The Pay For Success Field

Rayanne Hawkins – Urban Institute

Pay for success (PFS) is by no means an easy model to navigate. That’s why in March 2015, the Urban Institute launched its Pay for Success Initiative to help guide, design, and assess PFS transactions across the country through tools and training that support PFS efforts and disseminate information among stakeholders. Since its inception, the initiative has launched and produced many valuable resources, including the Support Center.

What is the Support Center?


Impact Investment Starts With Understanding Impact

Jim Gibbons (President & CEO of Goodwill Industries International) – Forbes

Investments in social impact are changing the way nonprofits and B Corporations think about funding. Additionally, they influence how traditional and non-traditional donors invest. Foundations and traditional financial institutions like Goldman Sachs have joined the impact movement to invest in solutions for societal problems while earning a positive return. This type of investment refocuses organizations to rely on their social metrics and data to engage investors in scaling solutions. Five years since President Obama first made note of the impact economy in 2011, nonprofit and for-profits investees alike are still learning how to measure their social impact in a meaningful way.

From my experience as the CEO of Goodwill Industries International , I’ve found that measuring an organization’s social impact is essential for effective participation in the impact economy. Here’s how to get started.