June 08 2016

PLY: Two crunchy pieces today from the dually excellent offices of Oz expert Emma Tomkinson as well as Joe Gayeski and Mary Beech at Third Sector Capital, both qualify as must reads:

What If Government Doesn’t Refer Enough People Into Your SIB?

Emma Tomkinson

One of the problems faced when developing a SIB is how people end up as part of the intervention cohort. If the process involves government or some other body referring participants to the service delivery organisation, how does this service delivery organisation manage the risk that not enough people will be referred, or that the wrong kind of people (i.e. those with little potential for change) will be referred?

Referral mechanisms that are used can be split into the following three categories:

  1. Eligible: eligibility criteria are defined and everyone who meets it is considered part of the SIB
  2. Self-selected: either the delivery organisation chooses participants or people choose to join
  3. Referred: government refers individuals into the program

All of these mechanisms involve some eligibility criteria that participants must meet to be included.


The Intersection of Impact Investing & Pay for Success

Joe Gayeski & Mary Beech – Third Sector

In April, two members of our team spoke on the intersection of impact investing and Pay for Success.