August 08 2016

Australia looks across the Tasman Sea for means to further help those on long-term welfare, including SIBs while the UK Social Stock Exchange intends to open up in Glasgow.

Look To New Zealand To Help People On Long-Term Welfare

Mikayla Novak – Canberra Times

Several aspects of the New Zealand welfare model are likely to deliver significant benefits for Australians trapped in long‑term welfare dependency.

Encouraging tailored services for targeted groups, and even “social impact bonds” rewarding social entrepreneurs with public funding only when they achieve adequate outcomes, a potential exists for economic and social participation to be enhanced greatly.

The inspiration for these suggested changes happen to come from our near neighbour, New Zealand, whose centre‑right government has pioneered better evaluation of welfare costs and is experimenting with alternative, non‑governmental modes of assistance.


Social Stock Exchange Heads For Glasgow

Simon Bain – Herald Scotland

The Social Stock Exchange, offering investment with a social impact, is to cross the Border and open in Glasgow.

Launched as part of the Big Society Capital initiative three years ago, the SSE now has 35 member companies worth over £2billion, who raised some £400m last year on the exchange.

Mike McCudden, who has joined SSE from Interactive Investor to open the first Scottish office, said he hopes to recruit up to 30 company members over the next year or so.